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FUUY Interactive Remote Control Dog Toy – Touch Sensing


Meet the FUUY Interactive Dog Toy—an advanced remote control toy shaped like a playful dog. With touch sensing, speed control, dance, and more, it’s the perfect kid’s companion for hours of interactive fun.

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Introducing the FUUY Robot Dog, a contemporary and innovative remote control toy that takes the shape of an adorable doggy. This toy boasts a range of intelligent features accessible through its remote control, making it a must-have for modern kids.

Key Features:

  • Touch Sensing: Experience touch-responsive interactions as the doggy performs four different movements in response to head touches.
  • Control Options: Take control with various functions such as pause, speed adjustment (forward and backward), turning left and right, and even a demonstration mode where the doggy showcases its capabilities automatically.
  • Dancing Delight: Enjoy the doggy’s dancing moves synchronized to lively and enjoyable music.
  • Commands: Direct the doggy to sit down or stand up with simple commands.
  • Sleep Mode: When not in use, the doggy goes into sleep mode, indicated by its closed eyes.
  • Programming: Customize the doggy’s actions according to your preferences, adding a personal touch to playtime.
  • Music: Select from three different music options, and watch the doggy dance to the rhythm.
  • Volume Control: Adjust the sound volume to your liking, ensuring a comfortable play environment.

With its wide array of features, this toy is not only perfect for keeping kids entertained during their leisure time but also makes an excellent gift choice. The FUUY Robot Dog promises to be a delightful companion for your little one, offering hours of fun and interactive learning.

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Dimensions 32 × 20 × 26 cm



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