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Smart Remote Control Puppy | Interactive RC Robot Dog Toy


Introducing the Smart Remote Control Puppy, an interactive and programmable RC robot dog toy that offers endless entertainment for kids aged 2-10+. With voice and remote control capabilities, this electronic pet mimics animal sounds, performs various actions, sings songs, and patrols, making it a delightful gift for children.

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Meet the Smart Remote Control Puppy, a versatile and entertaining electronic companion that brings joy to kids aged 2-10+. This interactive toy offers a wide range of features designed to keep young minds engaged and entertained.

Key Features:

  • Voice and Remote Control: Control the robot dog’s movements, including forward, backward, left, and right, using either voice commands or the remote control. The toy responds to your child’s instructions with precision.
  • One-Key Demonstration: Enjoy watching the robot dog perform various actions effortlessly with the one-key demonstration function.
  • Musical Entertainment: Three song buttons allow the dog to sing three songs, and volume control buttons let you adjust the sound level with five different volume settings. For tactile interaction, you can touch the robot dog’s mouth with your hand.
  • Programming Function: Program up to 50 actions using the programming button (please note that volume control buttons are not programmable). The middle stop button halts programming actions. Follow the instructions to create custom actions.
  • Head Movement: Rotate the robot dog’s head from side to side to add extra charm to its interactions.
  • Animal Imitation: Press the animal button, and the robot dog can imitate the barking sounds of different animals.
  • Patrol Mode: Activate the patrol mode by pressing the alarm button, and the robot dog will begin patrolling.

Operation Instructions: Simply attach batteries to both the remote control and the toy dog, and press the power switch to turn it on. Enjoy hours of interactive play and learning.

Please Note: Due to variations in monitors and lighting conditions, the actual color of the item may differ slightly from the photo. Thank you for your understanding.

The Smart Remote Control Puppy is a perfect gift to inspire creativity and provide hours of fun for kids. Whether using voice commands or the remote control, your child will be delighted by this electronic canine companion’s playful and educational features.

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