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Gesture-Control Smart Robot Toy | Rechargeable & Programmable


Explore our Large Rechargeable Gesture-Controlled Smart Robot Toy—a dynamic mix of gesture sensing, programming, dancing, and interactive fun.

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Introducing the FUUY Large Smart Robot Toy, where innovation meets entertainment. This robot is equipped with a multitude of captivating features that promise an engaging experience for both kids and adults.

Experience the future with Gesture Sensing, allowing intuitive control that responds to your hand movements. Take charge with Programmable capabilities, molding the robot’s actions according to your desires. Venture into interactive play with Voice Control, where the robot follows your verbal cues, transforming your living space into an interactive stage.

Engage in the captivating Dance Performances and marvel at the enthralling Songs that the robot offers. Dive into a world of captivating stories and science knowledge as the robot not only dances but also imparts learning in the most delightful manner. Your child’s curiosity will be piqued, and their interest in learning will soar.

Unlock the power of Voice Dialogue as players edit remote control buttons to orchestrate a symphony of robot actions. With this, the robot becomes a canvas, responding to your creative inputs and delivering a unique performance every time.

Immerse yourself in the Automatic Demonstration mode. With a simple command, the robot showcases its basic actions, followed by a dance melody and even linguistic snippets, sparking a symphony of auditory delight.

The FUUY Large Smart Robot Toy thrives as a testament to modern innovation—offering Gesture Control, Programming, Dance, Voice Interaction, and a treasure trove of learning. Elevate your playtime experience and introduce a world of possibilities to your home.

Unlock an immersive journey with our Large Rechargeable Gesture-Controlled Smart Robot Toy—a fusion of innovation, entertainment, and education.

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 41 × 26 × 11.5 cm



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